Business concept

Currently in constant growth due to an increasingly ageing population, the elderly homes and private residences for dependent adults industry is under an ever growing demand for further professionalised care.

Our business model is based upon the trust of both residents and their family members, thanks to the personal and highly professional, homely, approachable and human level of care that we provide with our services, resulting from hard work, commitment and the implementation of all the required internal protocols.

In addition to profitability, the appreciation received from our users towards our work is a testament of the sustainability and ongoing growth of our business model.

Among our most distinguishing traits we can highlight the full accessibility and personal involvement of our management team when it comes to addressing any issues as soon as possible, as well as when implementing any improvements suggested by both family members, residents and staff, combined with the above mentioned homely and approachable care that we provide.

Our motto WE CARE FOR YOUR WELLBEING defines ANGOMED’s assistance and service philosophy.

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