In order to ensure the full professionalism, transparency and confidentiality, ANGOMED offers all its customers the opportunity to sign any of the below agreements prior to the commencement of any contractual relationship:


    Prior to the commencement of our consultancy services, both ANGOMED and the customer shall sign an agreement to ensure full confidentiality in regards to any information and documentation that they may be provided with as a result of their mutual relationship.


    Likewise, with the purpose of protecting our business model and know-how prior to the formal commencement of the services appointed, and due to the profile of ANGOMED‘s usual customers, we deem convenient to sign a non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreement with all customers that shall remain valid for an indefinite period and shall be limited to the consultancy’s functional and geographic area of influence.


    A document signed by customers to confirm that all information and documentation provided during the consultancy services is true and legal, holding ANGLOMED harmless in the event of any liability arising from any incorrect information or documentation received from its customers. Likewise, this document shall also state that customers are not omitting any type of information that may be relevant for a correct management of the work entrusted to ANGOMED.


    ANGOMED shall also sign a document to guarantee their full independence in regards to any other company or entity that may represent a competitor or conflict of interest with the customer.


    Where applicable, and prior to the commencement of any work, a commercial agreement for technical support and consulting shall be signed containing all obligations of each party, as well as listing all included services, agreement duration, interpretation and resolution of any potential conflict, etc. Likewise, and while the agreement remains in force, these shall include an exclusivity clause in favour of ANGOMED (except in the case of specific cases and by prior consent from ANGOMED) to ensure full control of all assets subject to the consultation, since it would not be possible to adequately undertake any of the usual types of services offered by ANGOMED otherwise.


    We shall likewise sign any agreements that may be required by customer prior to the supply of our business management services. These services shall be invoiced separately after receiving the customer’s agreement to the initial quote.

(Please note: All original agreement documentation shall be signed as a minimum in counterparts in Spanish language and, unless otherwise stated, shall be governed by Spanish legislation).