Xeniform© is a protocol for excellence in the care and assistance of elderly homes residents and their family members which has been developed and copyright registered by ANGOMED.

Based upon the requirements of elderly residential home users, it is used as a tool to improve the manner in which staff provide their services at the centre, resulting in further satisfaction for its residents and, therefore, a competitive edge when compared to similar providers.

Our protocol is split into two areas. A general section that applies to all centre staff regardless of the department that they work for, and a specific section for each of the above departments, that only applies to staff working in those capacities.



    These include the following activities:

    • Course teaching (general and specific department protocols).
    • Assessment test.
    • Course satisfaction survey.

    Following is a list of documentation provided to each participant:

    • Copies of each protocol (general and specific for each department ).
    • Attendance and achievement certificate.

    Features and requirements

    On site sessions for a group of minimum 5 and maximum 10 students per session

    Centre acknowledgement

    Each centre shall be presented with an A4 size methacrylate Xeniform© centre acknowledgement plaque including the Xeniform© logo with an inscription stating that all staff have undergone the course in the specified month and year.

    This acknowledgement is valid for one year.


    A closed estimate is provided for each centre according to the amount of staff, and including travelling, accommodation and maintenance costs for the trainer.

    Please contact us for a customised quote.


    Bring your acknowledgement up to date

    This is carried out a year following the presentation of the above plaque (same month in the following year) by prior request from the centre and provided that at least a third of their staff (new recruits or previously trained staff) have carried out the training during the previous year.

    Course prices for the refresher course are the same as those applied for the initial course.

    Each centre shall be presented with an up to date plaque with the corresponding date. This acknowledgement shall be valid for 3 years, provided that at least 20% of the centre’s staff have taken the refresher course on each of the 3 years.

    This acknowledgement may be extended for periods of 3 years by prior request from customers, provided that at least 20% of the centre’s staff have taken the refresher course on each of the 3 years.

    Care quality assessment

    By prior request from the centre, ANGOMED‘s technicians will carry out an assessment to confirm the implementation of all knowledge received during the course by any staff member or department.

    A specific project is developed for each centre based upon their needs and requirements and using techniques such as mystery customer, satisfaction surveys or any other method adapted to the project.